Sketching up nature spirits

Logbook 10 Oct. Link to land spirits – drawings of some of the trolls, elvers and other spirits hikers talk about around the campfire at night

Returning home

Log. 31. Aug. 2018 – The feeling of being back home after a hike illustration

Make friends with a tree

Logbook 24. August 2018. Connect with a tree – It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

Boulder elf and landscapes of imagination

Logbook 11. August 2018 – Landscapes can open doors to worlds of imagination, and suddenly you can start to see small strange creatures on the boulders and hear their music in the wind

Time as path

Paths, steps and choices are intertwined in both our language and our lives

Leave no Trash

Leave No Trash – How we might get better at keeping the trails clean

Teatime at the wishing well

Things that might trigger wishful thinking Text, thoughts and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt To get closer to what wishful thinking is I have looked at a number of classic places and ways to engage in wishful thinking. From sending things out in the universe, to watch shooting stars, throw coins in wishing wells, hang out … Continue reading Teatime at the wishing well