Old factory blocking the sun of tomorrow

Don’t let the outdated solutions of yesterday block the sustainable technology of tomorrow

Drawing of a truck with a very long straw stopping by a small well

When short term solutions destroy long term benefits

Painting turtles in watercolor

Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt

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Endangered Sea turtles, Leatherbacks are endangered, I spent today doing sketches of these amazing animals

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drawing of a small hut with grass roof

Watercolor of traditional Viking home

Sketching up birds, mammals and fish from along the coastal trails

Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org
Here are the bird, fish and mammal watercolors from the last few days:

(Alternative: Click on one of the watercolors to see them all as slides instead )

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Study of wildlife along the coastal trails

Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt. Hiking.org

The Grey Seal is a huge sea predator, living along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Baltic Sea and other places. The grey seal can reach up to 3.3 m. in length and weight over 300 Kg. (same as four men)

watercolour of Gray Seal

Grey Seal basking on rock (watercolor sketch)

Watercolor of Gray Seal

Grey Seal watercolor study

Watercolor of Gray Seal

Grey Seal watercolor sketch

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Drawing of a box with nature in it
drawing of a car sized nature model in a car lot

Could nature park models be placed in the urban context to help us tell their stories?

Watching frogs can be part of a great hiking experience

Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt

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Drawing: do like the trees – reconnect to reality

drawing of the press, politician, business and science sitting at a bar wondering what went wrong

Time to close the bar and start walking…

Drawing of hikers between huge trees

Walking along old giants, silently talking

Drawing of a tree with a water tap

Nature is a brilliant and very experienced designer… she can be a great inspiration and guide to a more sustainable future

Drawing of a nature architecture cityscape, with design from boxes

Green hiking architecture drawing: thinking inside the box for a change

drawing of a lot of cars, seen from the driving seat

The problem of cars and the solutions of walking

Drawing of nature in a closed and open jar

Re-connecting to nature by relating to it through hiking

Connecting hiking trails across roads

Text and Creativecommons drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Check out this duck mother taking her chance with her small ducklings:

Luckily they all made it across, but it gives a good impression of just how difficult crossing roads is for wildlife.

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drawing of a green village in letters

Walking as a way to strengthen local communities and help the environment