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Group of people becoming a bridge helping a man in the water

Seven bridges over troubled water

From Diets to Disruption – Seven strategies to move across difficult places

Drawing of a man looking at his digital twin, as a mirror image on a screen

Meet your digital twin

Get ready to meet a faster, smarter and more connected version of yourself…

drawing of powerpoint presentation about the future
Drawing of a truck with a very long straw stopping by a small well

The flawed logic of the longest straw

When short term solutions destroy long term benefits

Concept for a self driving backpack

Self driving wheel backpacks

Sketching up my ideas for what hiking might be in the future

Drawing of a green eco house with solar cells, water reservoir and vertical gardens

Concept for solar powered vertical farming eco house

Concept and thoughts about a new generation of green architecture

drawing of a hiker with a robot in a baby carrier
Drawing of a girl with backpack and a virtual reality mask out on the trails
Drawing of a hiker with a lot of digital gadgets

Gadget Hiker

Hikers are Using more and more technology when out hiking

Drawing of a city being strangled by car snake