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Watercolors of hiking trails, painting by Frits Ahlefeldt

10 first world trails up on Hiking.org

Places to hike around the world: first ten hiking trails are up now

Watercolor of Layap woman Bhutan, painting by frits Ahlefeldt

Trails The Snowman Trek first version up

Trails around the world, start of a collection

Watercolor of wildlife in suits

12 good reasons to preserve wilderness

We need to preserve the last areas of wilderness on the planet, here are 12 reasons why

man, woman and kid in baby carrier out hiking
Group of people building a snowheart together
Drawing of a school in a tree

Smart nature is better than smart boards

Teaching kids about reality outdoors is much, much smarter than any digital smart-board

Drawing of a girl with mood that change like the weather

Mood hiker

Maybe it is not the weather, but change that affect our feelings the most

Concept for a self driving backpack

Self driving wheel backpacks

Sketching up my ideas for what hiking might be in the future

Watercolor of an old house

Sketching places and listening to stories

Drawing places sometimes make the locals share their stories with you

drawing of a car sized nature model in a car lot

From car park to National park. A storytelling idea

Could nature park models be placed in the urban context to help us tell their stories?

plug into nature

Drawing: do like the trees – reconnect to reality

Drawing of hikers between huge trees

Chatting with trees

Walking along old giants, silently talking

Drawing of a girl with backpack and a virtual reality mask out on the trails
Different trails leading to a campfire

Fireside Talks

Part of hiking is the evenings under an open sky, where stories come to live in ancient ways

Drawing of a backpacker looking at a resort
Drawing of a impassioned jumping man

Walking can change the way you think

Start walking and you will never look back…

Hiker with a backpack that gets lighter and lighter as he walks on

Evolution of a long distance hiker

You don’t need to start out light, just go hiking and you will get there… 🙂

Non electrical trail use wheelchairs

wheelchair for hiking research sketches

Research drawings and ideas for trail going wheelchairs