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Hiking sitting at cross road and a quote: "nothing will work unless you do" by Maya Angelou

Nothing will work unless you do

Quote by Maya Angelou Amazing wanderer exploring, writing and combining winding paths inside and outside her head for more than eighty years

Man walking onto rainbow and going through seven stages of wishful thinking. The rainbow wishful thinking model - illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Drawing with a woman looking at a signpost with "your future on both ways. with Quote by George Harrison - if you don't know where you are going any road will take you there...

George Harrison (Beatles) quote

Even though all trails lead to the future, you still have to pick one

Can hiking solve global problems?

When you walk, you can only carry a little, and only take one step at the time – just those two things can really make a great difference to anybody’s understanding, after a few days

I like long walks especially when they are taken by people who annoy me - quote by fred allen, illustration by frits ahlefeldt

I like long walks quote

Walking can solve conflicts in many ways…

Some conflicts can’t wait till tomorrow

New focus: Learning how to better deal with conflicts, through hiking

Drawing of a puzzle piece in doubt if it is a team player

being a team player

Fitting in is not always easy, but along the trails it is a very different challenge

illustration of an flaneur walking with a backpack, classic dressed gentleman hiker type

The Flaneur Hiker – strolling the trails

Drawing the Flaneur poet hiker, strolling through life on foot.

Woman walking with headlamp at night drawing
Drawing of a elf hiking, with a backpack in winter time.
Drawing of two expedition hikers, in extreme weather

Expedition hikers

Expedition hikers, mastering and enduring, extreme conditions and places

Drawing of a woman smiling and walking

Thrive hiker

The Thrive hiker – walking to feel good

Woman walking pulling a stone, in a rope, after her

Recovery hiker

The Recovery hiker, walking to move on

Drawing of a woman at home by the door asking who is it?
Drawing of a girl with mood that change like the weather

Mood hiker

Maybe it is not the weather, but change that affect our feelings the most

Woman looking between two lines of text

Walk to look between the lines

Hiking can help you change perspective and create new understandings

People walking inside a box

Thinking inside the box outside

Walking without leaving your comfort-zone