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Man sitting at campfire thinking maybe I am just a book aliens are reading on a star, while the stars and a white rabbit watch him

Reality as a story

Logbook thought: Maybe I am just a book some aliens are reading…

Hiking sitting at cross road and a quote: "nothing will work unless you do" by Maya Angelou

Nothing will work unless you do

Quote by Maya Angelou Amazing wanderer exploring, writing and combining winding paths inside and outside her head for more than eighty years

Man walking onto rainbow and going through seven stages of wishful thinking. The rainbow wishful thinking model - illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

Social media guides – Magician vs Wizard

Experts are ready to guide us along the digital trails. Social media magicians and wizards are among them…

Drawing of a man looking at his digital twin, as a mirror image on a screen

Meet your digital twin

Get ready to meet a faster, smarter and more connected version of yourself…

Drawing of a presentation about the amount of powerpoint presentations
watercolor of butterfly and quote by Zhuangzi, chinese philosopher, china

Dreamt I was a butterfly

Fluttering Reality – Watercolor sketches of butterflies

Man saying what trail, I'm on a storyline

Paths and storylines

Research note on the possible connection between storytelling, trails and walking ( and Bruce Chatwin’s songlines )

Drawing of a man walking while thinking I walk therefore I think

Walk to think

I Walk therefore I think… Thoughts and notes about walking, learning from philosophers way back

Illustration of a classic ghost with a backpack
Drawing of a spiritual hiker

Spiritual hiker

Hiking as a spiritual practice #hikertypes drawings

Drawing of a scale with nature, us and Earth on one side and money on the other

Estimating the value of Earth

The problem of how money, as a measure of everything, ends up defining everything

Drawing of a box with nature in it
Drawing of a backpacker looking at a resort
Drawing of an old lady with a broom and www on her apron

First capture of the old lady cleaning up the internet trails

If the internet had trail cameras… wondering about the difference between nature and digital trails

Hiker with backpack and eyes on the boots

Thinking while walking

Walking into reality one step at the time

Drawing of a guy sitting in front of a digital screen

Digital fireplace, not the same

Sketching up the difference between outdoor life and screen life

treehugger hugging tree