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Drawing of light bulbs along the coastline

Coastal innovation Conference

Article: Coastal innovation –
how and why to create paths for a better life along the coast

It is no use walking anywhere quote from Francis Assisi

800 year old walk the talk quote

The Italian monk and philosopher Francis of Assisi walked his wisdom

Drawing of a chimney with moon and stars, and a man climbing to the top

Learning from the past – three ways of finding more sustainable paths

Combining experience of what went wrong, with modular design inspiration from nature and cutting edge technology, to create more sustainable and natural solutions and designs

drawing of powerpoint presentation about the future
Inversed umbrella with green plants, working as a water purification system

Nature’s water purification

Reversed green umbrella water purification system

Drawing of a scale with nature, us and Earth on one side and money on the other

Estimating the value of Earth

The problem of how money, as a measure of everything, ends up defining everything

Drawing of a truck with a very long straw stopping by a small well

The flawed logic of the longest straw

When short term solutions destroy long term benefits

drawing of a small hut with grass roof
Drawing of a green eco house with solar cells, water reservoir and vertical gardens

Concept for solar powered vertical farming eco house

Concept and thoughts about a new generation of green architecture

Drawing of a radical green urban eco house by Frits ahlefeldt

Daydreaming up radical sustainable architecture

Food producing house gathering rainwater from roof concept by Frits Ahlefeldt

farmer with wheelbarrow with sprout meets banker with wheelbarrow with money
Woman picking fruit from a tree
Drawing of a backpacker looking at a resort
Drawing of a nature architecture cityscape, with design from boxes

Hiking trails in green cities

Green hiking architecture drawing: thinking inside the box for a change

drawing of a lot of cars, seen from the driving seat

Hiking trails or roads?

The problem of cars and the solutions of walking

Drawing of a green coastal village in extreme design

Coastal trails, green villages and climate change

Hiking trails as defense against global warming and extreme weather

drawing of a green village in letters

Hiking between green villages

Walking as a way to strengthen local communities and help the environment

Drawing of leaves around Earth in space