Border trails – build Trails – not walls. Project about where walls and borders have been replaced by Trails – or follow them

Text, drawing and project by Frits Ahlefeldt.

Border trails are about where people connect instead of climbing fences and walls. It is both about the trails along borders, you can’t cross, and the trails along borders that you can cross, or old borders now gone.  There are a lot of border trails in the world. Trails that follow the constructed or natural borders of countries ( coastal paths – an example of the natural kind ) Border trails define a trail along the meeting of two different realities, when you step unto the land, beach, across the river, on the other side. You will be in another country, continent or other cultural, tribal, economical, or mindset understanding

The bordertrail project is under development ( 2020 )

The website: – has been reserved for the project. The domain leads to the page here on

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