Project for a hiking trail along the WaddenSea coastline ( Holland, Germany, Denmark )

Waddenzee (Holland) Wattenmeer (Germany) Vadehavet ( Denmark ) 

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org

The Wadden sea is a unique and very vulnerable cultural low-land landscape facing the North Sea. It is also a World Heritage site – and one of the most exposed areas in the world. , in case of Climate Change.  Dykes has been build in centuries – along it, to protect the locals. And a whole culture and special ways of dealing with extreme weather have been developed in these areas. A hiking trail along the coastline here are more or less in place on top of the dykes. But there is no joint project about it – or the hiking experience it can be, following  the huge migration flocks of birds in these landscapes, that are flooded by tidal waters and protected against storms

The WaddenSeaTrail project is under development ( 2017)

The Domain name WaddenSeaTrail.org has been reserved for the project and now links to Hiking.org here: Hiking.org/waddenseaTrail