The Walkable City

Hiking and the walkable city – How we can create better urban environments by making them walkable and connecting them to the landscapes around the city

Walkability – The city made for walking

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt,

Cities and towns are better to live in if made for walking, they are also better to the environment, to climate change, to strengthen communities. They are safer and people live longer and are healthier – Walkability might be the most defining factor in the odds of a city to prosper and thrive

Drawing up perspectives on the walkable city

I’ve studied and drawn up what makes a city great for living in and great for walking in for a number of years… And living in Copenhagen ( And educated from The royal Danish Academy of architecture in Copenhagen) I see it every day, as Copenhagen is between the ten best cities to walk and live in in the world on the most prestigious lists – Still there are a lot of things even Copenhagen can do much better when it comes to walkability.

Drawing up the walkable city

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