Wildfarming – Finding new ways to help sustain and grow natural food in nature

By Frits Ahlefeldt. Hiking.org

Nature is the best at growing food here on this planet, for millions of years the complex systems of different lifeforms have refined and endured changes in more and more sophisticated ways. Today we are just beginning to scratch the surface of these very complex life systems. How they work, interact and produce food, as a huge web of life.  Wildfarming is about finding better ways to plug into and support these eco-systems, becoming a beneficial part of them, to help strengthen both their, and our thrive and biodiversity

Learning from forests and Coral reefs

In nature, among the most famous long lasting bio-systems, that can support a much higher quality of life in them, than the landscapes that surrounds them are both forests and coral reefs. Take coral reefs, these are actually a strange kind of natural stone “cities” build by very, very small creatures. The coral reefs only stretch for less than 0.2% of the oceans. Yet in and around them live around 25% of all marine species.  Forests works a bit in the same way. A few species that alters the place they live, so it becomes much richer and better.

We humans could aim at having a similar role on the planet. Boosting thrive, biodiversity, nature and food at the same time. By better fitting in and understanding the systems we are part of.

Wildfarming is about this. About not only leaving footprints, but a new kind of “food-prints” Creating a more eco-healthy landscape, where-ever we go, walk and live.


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