Sketch China Great Wall Trail Watercolor

Project and watercolor sketch for a new, marked long distance hiking trail along the Great Wall of China

Watercolor and Text by Frits Ahlefeldt,

See the new GREAT WALL TRAIL project page here

Sketching and doing Research about if it might be possible to create a marked long distance hiking route along the Chinese Great Wall.

The Great Wall is one of Earth’s seven wonders, a celebrated UNESCO monument and considered to be the world’s most known and largest building structure. The marked hiking trail could be around 3000-5000 miles / 4000-7000km. long and would make the hike along the Great Wall of China much easier to follow and experience, both for locals and international hikers

Project page Link:

Sketching up hikers for a hall of fame

Portraits of hikers are hard to do – but that’s how you get better at it…

Update and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt,

For a long time I’ve been wanting to make a collection of hikers and outdoor people that tell good stories, has hiked in special ways, or in other ways made hiking more interesting. Now the first ten watercolor sketches of such hikers are up with links to their websites… With a few well-known names in between ( Like Bear Grylls, Cheryl Strayed, Andrew Skurka and more )   Let me know if the idea is worth continuing. Bet there are a lot of interesting hikers from all over the world out on the trails… See the first ten portraits here, with the challenged watercolor sketches, I did of them: 

Hikers Hall of Fame on


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