Connecting thrive and sustainability by walking

Expedition hikers

Storytelling hiker

Thrive hiker

Ultra hiker

Marble jar hiker

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Learning from the past – three ways of finding more sustainable paths

Using powerpoints from last year to talk about the future

Nature’s water purification

Dyke trails against extreme weather

Estimating the value of Earth

Two ways of building community hearts

Knock knock change is coming

Watercolor sketch of Paul's boots. Watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt
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Paul never made it across to hike the Appalachian trail, but his boots did

Hiking film and story about a group of hikers who got together to carry the boots of Paul, an Australian hiker, for several months, along the Appalachian trail in 2016, All the way to the end on Mount Katahdin

Cone solar power for hiking concept

Idea for adaption of ultra efficient solar power harvester for hikers

Sketch of a V3Solar power generator mounted on a backpack - drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Portable, direction independent Solar power for hikers idea sketch based on the V3Solar cone

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